C H A I   N G O

Chai Ngo for you

Embellished with flavours so fascinating , that everything comes to standstill !!
Being in love with food isn't a statement it's an emotion !!
Small bites big on happiness !!


Chai Ngo


Chaat Formula


Chicken Formula


Le Pizza Arte

our history

Why we are the best?

1. Our Famous 3C Formula

3C formula means Chai , Chicken and Chaat Formula all these are Chai NGO unique Brands that are making Chai NGO different from all the others.

2. The Diffrent & unique Taste

There are many varieties of brands of items we loves to serve we prepared many differently-different dishes and drinks formula for our valuable customers.

3. Hygienic food Made with love

We just aren't only preparing and serving the foods to the customers We are Serving Memories Too. We are providing them a rich, tasty & healthy eatables made with love and we are also taking care of Hygiene too.

4. Hygienic and healthy ingredients

There are many food and beverage franchisee are serving in India but Chai NGO is one of the famous amongst them all, and its prime objective is to provide healthy, Hygienic and tasty eatables.


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